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Tristy Taylor, Interfaith Minister, Dream Worker, Artist, Friend

I'm an Interfaith Minister, Artist, Weightlifter & Dream Worker. I help co-create authentic rituals that honor life's transformations.

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Here are some testimonials about my work:

Rev. Lauren Van Ham Dean, Interfaith Studies, The Chaplaincy Institute
Rev. Lauren Van Ham

"Tristy brings insight, depth, joy and vision to her work in this world. In her ministry with others, Tristy is compassionate and skillful, providing a safe and receptive space for healing, ritual, and integration."

Bill FisherWeb Application Developer

"My wife and I hired Tristy to officiate at our wedding, and she helped us to create a beautiful ceremony and a truly meaningful experience. She listened deeply to our ideas and our concerns, gently helping us to refine our vision into a coherent whole with a spirit of playfulness and deep personal meaning. I cannot recommend Tristy highly enough."

John VlahidesWriter/Producer/Presenter Lonely Planet, NatGeo Adventure, Travel Channel & BBC Worldwide
John Vlahides

"Tristy's great gift is her ability to find balance in the midst of chaos and difficulty. Anyone can navigate a ship in calm seas, but it takes a master to navigate a gale. Tristy is a master---and she's loyal to the core. I heartily recommend her."

Callie JanoffIndependent Consultant, Chaplain, Teacher, Maker

"Tristy is a spectacular human. An unstoppable force for good, she helps us negotiate the trickiest of life's twists and turns with grace, dignity, empathy, and depth. Her independent spirit and strength of character will serve you in ways beyond imagination. Invite her into your life, as your minister, your officiant, your counselor, your companion, your friend, and your blessings will be incalculable."

Susanna WilliamsGraduate Student at Washington University in St. Louis
Susanna Williams

"Tristy is a compassionate, creative, delightful person. She is able to synthesize her hard-working, reliable attributes with an innovative, ebullient joy. She is an exceptional, talented person who has made my life, and many others's lives, even more full of laughter and peace."

Marion Rockefeller Weber, Founder of The Arts & Healing Network and Flow Funding

"You have been the perfect person to welcome all the enthusiasm and creativity that has pored over and through you, connecting endless healing artists to each other and to meaningful ideas and organizations that increased inspiration for each person and the whole network. I thank you deeply for your commitment and your caring and impeccable balance and good nature."

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