A page from Tristy Taylor's Dream Art Journal

Growing up with my parents, beloved Dreamworker Jeremy Taylor and Dream Artist Kathryn Taylor, it is safe to say that I have had a lifetime apprenticeship in Dreamwork.

That being said, I have most definitely blazed my own path in my creative and spiritual practice of working with my dream life through art and ritual.

I am very happy to have been teaching my tools and techniques to a variety of communities since my first workshop back in 1994. While my practice has expanded in myriad ways since that little group decades ago, the main root of my work remains the same: our dream world responds to our actions in the waking world. This is a tremendous tool that can help us walk a more authentic waking life path, filled with vitality.

  • Communicating with the dreamworld has played a role in just about every faith tradition known to humankind. As Freud said, it is a “royal road to the unconscious.”
  • Dreams help us get to know our own personal mythology. We have a pantheon of symbols in our unconscious. A Bear in my dream, could mean something very differently than a Bear in your dream. These images can be lifelong companions in your life — both waking and dreamtime!
  • It’s literally a tool we have access to every single night, if we want it.
  • When we “listen” to our dreams, our lives change and our dream life changes. When we take the next step and work with our dreams, our dreams will respond to that work. We can actually create a life-long DIALOGUE with our dreams.
  • It is next to impossible to know the many layers of meaning to our dreams by ourselves. Even the life-long experts (like my mother and father), had road blocks in doing solo dreamwork. That’s where dyads with friends or professionals, or group work can really come in handy.
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