Monday, August 27, 2007

Keri Smith Wants You to Create

At one of the sessions of the Dream Art group I am facilitating, we used Keri Smith's wonderful new "book" Wreck this Journal. In it, she has pages and pages of wonderful ways to manipulate and construct with the journal. In my group, I wanted to remind everyone that we can get to caught up in the "preciousness" of everything.  Sometimes we just have to get dirty and rip pages out of clean, brand-new books - so that's what we did!  We passed it around and tore pages out to then do what we wanted with them.

a page from Keri Smith's "Non-Planner Datebook"

There were several great pages that were torn out by members of the group, including "rub dirt on this page" and more cryptic pages like "with your left hand" (the matching page said "draw on these pages").  It was so fun and liberating to tear and create with these pages.

I also wanted to make sure that everyone knows about Keri Smith's fantastic blog wish jar. You can stay up to date with all her wonderful creations, including her new Non-Planner Datebook! She also shares a lot about her creative process and I am always inspired by reading her words and looking at her fun images and creations.  Enjoy!

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