Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Daily Rituals

I just read about Brenda Hutchinson's project Daily Bell 2008. In this year-long project, she honors the sunrise and sunset - every day! - by ringing a bell or many bells. Her blog has wonderful videos of all the different places and ways she has rung her bells, including in the quiet of the Marin Headlands, the wild acoustics of a San Francisco parking garage, recruiting strangers in the local Starbucks, and with a big gaggle of kids and puppies across the street.

She also has a youtube channel where you can see a daily video of her bell ringing.

The various combinations of bells ringing is so beautiful. It reminds me of the wedding of my special friends Chris and Sylvia, where Sylvia and all the women in her bridal party came skipping and dancing down the aisle ringing little bells. It was so quiet and beautiful and yet also raucous and celebratory at the same time!

I also realized that I don't own a single bell!

I have been thinking a lot this week about daily practices and rituals that help me feel closer to God. I decided that chanting (I originally wrote "changing"!) with the sunrise was something I'd like to do - as chanting Hindu prayers and mantras has always been a powerful experience for me. I do find that even with that commitment and intention, I do not end up doing it every day.

So I am in awe of Brenda honoring this commitment she has made to the sun and its movements with such a beautiful and simple act.

What is a simple, spiritual act of honoring that you can do every day?

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