Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ambassador of Soul

Sometimes I wake from a dream laughing and those are probably some of my most favorite moments, ever. This morning I awoke having spent the evening/night dreamtime with none other than The Funky President, The Godfather of Soul, Soul Brother # 1, The Hardest Working Man in Show Business, Mr. Dynamite, The Ambassador of Soul himself, Mr. James Brown.

The dream was quite calm and mellow, considering who I was hanging out with. I was at a rooftop warehouse party with a bunch of folks and I look over at a picnic bench, and there is Mr. Brown, just hanging out with a beer. I go over and greet him and he greets me back by name. "You remember me!" I joyfully say. (Apparently he and I have met before?) "I never forget a beautiful woman,' he replies. I sit down with him and we proceed to chat away like old friends.

Sadly, I don't remember a thing about our conversation, except that he pointed to my engagement ring and said "Looks like you nabbed Mr. Tiffany, himself!" (my ring is an antique, handed down many generations and does have a bit of bling going on). I laughed myself awake out of pure joy of spending time with this charming, funny man.

Keith Richards, James Brown & Jim Belushi hang out.
Now yes, I know that the waking life James Brown was not as charming and funny as in my dream, but I do like to think that when folks pass on, the very best of their personalities sticks around and the darker parts are transformed. I believe I spent some time with the Angel that is James Brown - the man who has passed on.
I taught them everything they know, but not everything I know. ~ James Brown
Now, why did Mr. Dynamite show up in my dream last night? Who knows? My husband pointed out that he literally is The Ambassador of Soul and since dreams are so very good at making puns, I like to think that he is reminding me that we are all ambassadors of our own souls. It's up to us how we represent our inner truth in the world.

And, of course, he was a huge influence on me and everyone else with an ounce of funk in their souls. Talk about a man who puts on a performance! He inspired so many great artists, including two other favorites of mine - Bootsy Collins & Prince.

Also, the Divine Miss Hambox, recently gifted me with a huge amount of funk and soul music. I'm sure this HAS to have had an effect of bringing down the King of Funk to my bedside!
So here's to you, Mr. James Brown! You are welcome in my dreams anytime!

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