Tuesday, September 4, 2012

40th Birthday Crown

40th Birthday Crown
made entirely of scavenged jewelry
instant photo taken with my Instax
When I turned 40 this Summer, I really wanted to create a special crown to wear.

I'd had this idea for awhile to make a crown made entirely of scavenged costume jewelry.

Thankfully, my husband's business finds weird stuff all the time, so I have quite a selection.

I ended up making this really fun crown!

I finished it in time for my mid-July birthday, and wore it all through camping party by the Russian River. It was truly magical!

I highly recommend making a ritual object you can wear, be it a crown, or a necklace or a garment. It's good art magic!

Includes old lady pins & earrings.
Big thanks to my friend's Suzi's mother,
for her jewelry as well!

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