Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Monthly Check-In: March 2014

Like many, I rarely blog anymore. I've moved on to quicker, more visual ways of sharing my life. But I don't want to neglect this lively space, so I've decided to do a monthly check in that aggregates the "best of the month" in other social media I use. It's so meta! So please enjoy, and make sure to follow links and connect with me in other spaces as well as here.

March 2014 on Instagram

My magenta hair lives on, into the Spring!

I'm painting up a storm! This is a Sad Clown that appeared in my Circle Painting.

I have a new painting studio and it's been such a joy to sink down into my painting practice again. When I paint every day, I find that my paintings begin to respond back to me. The above began as a painting made only of circles. Eventually, this Sad Clown Face began to reveal herself and as I "pulled her out" by defining the details, I realized that she came in answer to a question I've been sitting with, about my life as a performer and improvisor. The current group I am performing with is fantastic and I love them, but the improv we do together is way too "normal" and it's making me a "Sad Clown." I didn't realize this until this face in my painting showed up to tell me.

Videos I made in March 2014

Here I am deadlifting 100kg (220 lbs.) for 4 reps.

SO MANY turkeys at our house!

Books I read in March 2014

Parnassus on Wheels by Christopher Morley ~ 1917. Illustrations by Douglas Gorsline

I read a lot of books in March. One of my favorites was Parnassus on Wheels by Christopher Morely. I received it in Book Riot's 2nd Quarterly Box. I loved this book and it was quite a feminist story (especially considering it was written in 1917)! In this short novella, a woman buys a book caravan and sets out to escape the drudgery of domestic farm life and sell books on the open road. It's really worth a read, if only to inspire you to jump in and try something new.

So far, I've read 19 books in 2014.

Music I dug in March 2014

This is a new section I'm going to add to this Monthly Check-In Series. This isn't music that necessarily came out this month - more like music I discovered this month:

Bridge to Hawaii by Tacocat 
First of all, this band's name is Taco Cat. That in itself is fantastic. They are super poppy in the best way and this song is about escaping the cold winter with a bridge to Hawaii. 

"It's dark and it rains all the time
I'm guessing not the destinations that you had in mine
Your brain's unraveling, the endless traveling
And you can't go up, jump into the ocean"

Elemental Finding by Tara Jane O'Neil (set to vintage 1970's baptism footage by David Dean Burkhart on YouTube)
I've been a fan of Tara Jane O'Neil for years, and her new album, Where Shine New Lights does not disappoint. It's dreamy and slow and perfect.

"Lay down, lay down your armor
Your guards have already fled
Take a look at yourself you marauder
And be your soft test"

Thanks for going on this month's ride with me! See you next time.

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