Saturday, February 14, 2015

Making Art with Dreams

A page from my Dream Art Journal

Making art with your dreams can be a really interesting way to step out of your analytical mind and work with a dream in a more visceral way.

Here are a few ways you can do work with your dreams through creativity, making and art:


  • cut out images from magazines and other materials that remind you of the dream (remember you don't have to find literal images from your dream, just pictures that remind you of the dream or make you feel similar feelings to the dream)
  • collage these images on paper, poster board, postcards, playing cards, index cards or anything else
  • make a series of these collages related to one dream, or a series of dreams that feel connected
  • take it one step further and give the collaged postcards to a friend and ask them to mail the cards back to you at a time of their choosing


  • write down the dream
  • circle important/emotional words
  • write a poem or haiku using those words
  • take it one step further by making a book of dream poetry and read it at your local open mic night

A card from my Dream Collage Deck -
this one is called "Guide to Lost Souls"


  • choose a scary or confusing dream character
  • use a paper plate or cut a paper circle
  • collage, paint and/or glue objects onto it
  • cut out eye holes (or not!)
  • configure the mask so you can wear it
  • wear the mask and embody the dream character
  • write down what you feel after embodying your scary or confusing dream character
  • take it one step further and ask a trusted friend to join you in re-enacting the dream and have them ask you questions about your charcter


  • focus on one color or image from your dream
  • learn everything you want to learn about that color or image
  • paint/draw it several times in several ways
  • pay attention to how that color or image shows up in your life
  • take it one step further and have a conversation with your painting/drawing - answer all your questions with another painting/drawing

If you do any of these processes, let me know. I'd love to hear about it!

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