Sunday, June 19, 2016

6 Months of Grief Project: Day 135

Sleeping Prayers

This is Day 135 of my #6MonthsOfGrief Project. To learn more about this practice, feel free to visit Day One, where I explain this project in more detail.

The weekends are for sleeping. Sometimes I go to sleep with prayers and requests and hopes. I lay in bed and stare at my husband's altar and pretend he is lying beside me. The painting that hangs on my wall has been in my life for 20 years. I found it left out on the street in Santa Cruz and took it home. I think it's John the Baptist's mother, Elizabeth/Elisabeth/Elisheba. I've always kind of had an affinity with her, since she is the forgotten "divine mother," overshadowed by Mary. She watches over me at night. Sometimes my prayers are answered and on awakening I have clarity about how things will move forward in my life. Sometimes my prayers are answered with nightmares that rip and tear at my heart. But it is all divine. They are all answers of a kind.


I am very aware that this project can bring up a lot around yours or other's grief and loss, I will always follow every post with some online grief support resources that have helped me. Please feel free to let me know of online support that you have found healing in your grief, as well:

Living with Grief Resources:

And remember, I am sharing this project on a variety of platforms, including my InstagramTwitter, & Facebook feeds, as well as my Pinterest page on Grief. I use the hashtag #6MonthsOfGrief, so it can easily be found on any platform. Please share this project with anyone you think might need it.

Thank you, and see you tomorrow.

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