Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Inspiration in "Amargosa"

photo courtesy of the Pahrump Valley Times
I just watched a wonderful film my husband brought home called AMARGOSA. It's a wonderful documentary about this amazing woman, Marta Becket. 

When she was in her forties, she decided to leave New York City and found herself in the remote California ghost town of Death Valley Junction (population 10!).  She fell in love with an old, decaying theater she found there and she and her husband decided to lease it for $45 a month.  They named it after the original name of the town - the Amargosa Opera House (amargosa means bitter water, named after the salty water that is found in the nearby mountains).

Marta Becket is a dancer and artist who is just bubbling over with creativity.  Here in this place that is 110 degrees in the shade, and surrounded by sand and scrub brush, she found inspiration and joy.  She wanted to put on shows in this little theater and because there was no one to watch her (at first), she painted an audience on the walls.  These murals are staggeringly beautiful, with intricate costumes and luscious colors.

It brought tears to my eyes to see this 75-year-old woman dancing ballet (on toe!) and painting and singing and generally having a wonderful time in this place that you would never imagine would be inspiring or welcoming to someone with so much creativity.

It truly inspired me to follow my own wild imaginings and dreams.  If Marta Becket can roll up into a ghost town and create a theater, what am I capable of?  It's a perfect example of the importance and power of following your dreams. Go out and do those amazing projects and ideas.  It doesn't matter if no one is there to see it or appreciate it - they will show up in time.

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