Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dream Art Group Forming

Dream Art Group
Meeting for 13 Wednesday evenings in Petaluma, CA
August 1st to October 24th, 2007
7:30 - 9:30 pm

Art making with dreams can be a powerful practice in finding new levels of meaning in dreams and their images as well as encouraging and freeing the innate creativity we all share. Bringing art and dreamwork together can help us overcome obstacles that are holding us back from being who we truly are, as we honor our own transformation.

DreamArt work includes sharing and working with dreams and creating art projects related to the dreamwork. NO ART SKILLS REQUIRED!

In this group we will do dream work using the projective method (the “if it were my dream” style), much like a "regular" dream group, with theadded bonus of working with art as another tool to do dream work. The actual art-making will be done by each participant at home, but we will come together and bring our artwork to share with each other and be "worked" like a dream, in addition to sharing actual dreams with each other.

We will be using collage and other easily accessible mediums, so participants can be at any level of art making skills (including never having done anything creative before!) I will also be available by email during this time if you have technical questions (how do I make my collage 3-D? Where can I find images of frogs? etc.).

Tristy Taylor has a Masters in Transformative Arts and Dream Studies at JFK University, several Dream Studies Certificates and is an ordained Interfaith Minister. She has been leading dream groups for over 15 years and has been making art inspired by dreams even longer!

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