Monday, August 6, 2007

Dreaming While Awake

PrismaColor picture by Kathy Taylor
My mother has been an incredible inspiration to me for all of my life.  I grew up sharing my dreams and art with her and she always received them with appreciation and interest. She is a very crafty lady (as is her mother) and I was always surrounded with yarn and quilts and dolls and paints and other wild projects she was working on.

When she moved, she created a fantastic studio for herself in her new garage (a garage was inconceivable idea in the house I grew up in). 

Her latest passion are her PrismaColor pen pictures, which she creates using dreams she has had as inspiration.  I've been encouraging her to start a blog and share these totally amazing pictures with the world and now she has!

Here is a description of her process in her own words:
I've been working with my dreams for over 30 years and in the last 10
years I've been mining my dreams to make art. I lost interest in
"illustrating" my dreams and began to just follow the path of least
resistance. The process is something like what the surrealists
experimented with - automatic drawing. But what I do seems to draw from
both conscious and unconscious states of mind. I suppose it's a
meditation, really.

I've come to think of it as a "getting out
of my own way" kind of art making. There is some sort of balance
between thinking things through and following impulses, feelings and
intuitions. I do think about the elements of design, but only when it
doesn't interfere with the flow of images.
Her images have always been an inspiration to me. Check out Dreaming While I'm Awake and enjoy!

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