Friday, November 14, 2008


"BELIEVE" a collage made for my spiritual marketing class
This current economic state has really been traumatizing both to my own heart and soul and to the heart and soul of my business.

Thankfully, I have many allies on my journey - fellow ministers, healers and wonderful friends and family who are supporting me every step of the way on this complicated path of crafting a private practice of ministry and creativity coaching.

I am taking part in an excellent program hosted by the divine Amy Brucker called Growing Somewhere. The very first step in this wonderful program is creating a collage exploring our "dream life, practice, and clientelle."

In speaking with my friend Heather Furby, I had a kind of epiphany about a new direction my ministry can go and this is the collage that came out of both talking to Heather and to Amy:

Usually my collages are not this simple, but I think this piece reflects my new understanding of following my bliss and realizing that it can be SIMPLE. It doesn't have to be a struggle. What a concept!

I attached the word BELIEVE at the bottom to be a grounding force through this journey. I like that the letters are lopsided - it reminds me of the realness and truthfulness of walking a path of an authentic life.

Now I have a visual image to inspire me as I explore this new path in my life and practice. It is such a simple act, to make a collage - and yet I rarely allow myself the time to do it. I finally had to schedule it into my day, because I always obey my calendar!

I encourage you to make an inspiration collage today! Give yourself an hour or two of uninterrupted time. Cut out inspiring images from magazines, catalogs, etc. and paste down the images. It's that easy! And if you don't have an hour, you can do it in stages. Pull out pages from magazines for 15 minutes and put them aside. The next time you have "play time," sit down and cut out the images. The next time, paste them down.

It's fun, easy and inspiring. BELIEVE IT!

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