Wednesday, February 17, 2016

6 Months of Grief Project: Day 12

Mud Kid

This is Day 12 of my #6MonthsOfGrief Project. To learn more about this practice, feel free to visit Day One, where I explain this project in more detail.

Today I am a Mud Kid, enveloped by the wet earth, letting it suck out the impurities in my sorrowful face. Sometimes tears aren't enough. I need to coat myself in the sticky mud of the earth and let it transform me into a creature of the depths.
I am very aware that this project can bring up a lot around yours or other's grief and loss, I will always follow every post with some online grief support resources that have helped me. Please feel free to let me know of online support that you have found healing in your grief, as well:

Art with Grief:

Resources for Widows:

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