Saturday, December 10, 2016

Surviving Year Two: Week 18

Witch Wolf Widow

This is Week 18 of my Surviving Year Two Grief Project. Details about all my Grief Projects, as well as Grief Resources can be found here.

In the new Trumpocalypse, women are second-class citizens who must fight for their civil rights every single moment. After my husband died, I did not think I could feel any more grief, and yet this election result and the loss of so much creative life in the Oakland warehouse fire has been taking me into even deeper depths of despair. 

They say when we face the hardest experiences in life, we pull on the spirituality we were raised in and for lack of a better term, I was raised a witch. I have been feeling the call of my witchy ancestors all my life and now that we are facing some of the darkest times of American history, I truly believe that the witches need to come out. Thanks to my job at New World Library, I quite synchronistically am also getting to work on a new book about liberating the witch within by Danielle Dulsky, which I am very excited about (more about that in the Spring!).

Tracking the Moon phases and seasons in my art journal

I am feeling the call for ritual. I am feeling the call for gathering with my fellow women and supporting each other in owning our power and magic. I am always honoring the ebb and flow of the cycles we are always living with. I am a Witch Wolf Widow who is looking for her pack. I live in my grief and witness the grief in others. When I am filled with the deepest fear, I remember that I am a survivor. The hate-fueled, fear-mongering men in power have been burning, raping and beheading the strong women of this earth for centuries and yet HERE WE ARE. They will NEVER kill us all and those of us embodied at this intense time can call on the wisdom, power and strength of our witchy ancestors and keep creating positive change in this dark world.

It is a daunting task and self-care is also very necessary. Take care of yourself and each other.

Thank you for witnessing me. See you next week.

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