Friday, May 24, 2013

Full Hare Moon

Hare and Moon - by Susan Seddon Boulet

Tonight is a Full Hare Moon, also called Milk Moon, Dragon Moon, Planting Moon, Panther Moon, Moon When Leaves are Green, Moon to Plant, Bright Moon, Grass Moon, Flower Moon & Full Corn Planting Moon. It's also a SUPERMOON, which means the moon will be closest it will be to the Earth for the calendar year. AND there's also a partial eclipse! That's some powerful moon magic!

Sometimes folks ask me why I care so much about the moon and its phases. My answer is two-fold. On personal level, I've tracked my menstrual cycle with the Moon for the last 5 years and 100% of the time, my cycle starts when the moon is apogee (farthest from the earth). That's significant! I also have never met another person where this is true, so if it this is true for you, let me know! On a global level, we are all "bags of mostly water" as the old Star Trek episode says and the Moon affects the tides, so why wouldn't it affect us and our moods and energy? Again, this is significant!

There are some great stories about the Moon-Gazing Hare that can be found on the wonderful Celtic Lady website. ENJOY!

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