Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We Are Love

8th Anniversary card I made for my husband

8 years ago today, my husband and I jumped in the ocean and sealed our life commitment to each other. My father, a Unitarian Minister, among many other things, signed the license and we were hitched! My man and I have a very creative, crafty kind of love, so it makes sense that we both made each other cards to celebrate. My card opens up, but the insides are kind of naughty, so I'm keeping that private!

When we became engaged, we went to visit the infamous Hugging Guru, Amma. When we told her we were soon to be wed, she said something to one of her translators and he said, "Amma says, instead of saying 'I love you,' say instead, 'we are love.'" Than he nodded his head and smiled. It was the most perfect blessing we could have possibly received. And it really is the perfect thing to say - because the idea that "I" can give love to "you" is an illusion. The only choice is either to be love, or not be love - to emanate love and embrace it, or not. Try saying it with people you share love with. It's fun!

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